At GC line marking,we also have access to line removal sub contractors who use 40,000 psi high pressure water blasting.

With Blasting and suction all in the one process, these machines leave very little waste, and is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of line removal. Availability is limited for this service, so please contact us as early as possible.

Do you need old lines removed ?
At Gold Coast linemarking we can assist you with this.


From our electric powered concrete line scarifier and dust extractor to our road based petrol line grinders and even our sub contracting water blasters we can get your lines removed for you.Our team has the experience and will assess your road surface before removal and if the surface is not in a condition to sustain removal, we can apply black water based or even a product called cold applied plastic which is commonly used ‘in situation’s with high volume area’s. We would also supply our antiskid bead on area’s deemed unsafe. All of our Line Removal machinery is the very latest machinery in this field . Early bookings are essential if this Process is required.

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